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Digital Album - "Shine a Light On Me Brother" (2021)

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"Shine a Light one Me Brother"

Released September 3rd, 2021


1. Shine a Light on Me Brother

2. Everyday

3. Ain't No Young Love Song

4. Chicago

5. Hurricane

6. Desert Sun

7. Movin

8. Anna Maria

9. Brother

10. Radio

Produced by Robert Jon & The Wreck | Co-Produced by Jeff Frickman | Recorded and mixed by Jeff Frickman at Sonic Groove Studios, Burbank, CA | Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Mastering, New York, NY

All Songs Written by Robert Jon & The Wreck | Co-Written by Ian Cullen (Tracks 1-5, 8, 10) | Co-Written by Nick Foster & Josh Weathers (Track 7)

B3 Recorded at Zion Studios, Santa Ana, CA | Dallas Kruse, Engineer | Vocals recorded at Robert Jon Music, Costa Mesa, CA | Andrew Espantman, Steve Maggiora, Henry Schneekluth, Engineers

Horn arrangement by 504 Horns, New Orleans, LA | Recorded and arranged by Jason Parfait | Jason Parfait, Saxophone / Ian Smith, Trumpet

Additional Background Vocals recorded at Apple Street Studios, Berrima, New South Wales, Australia | Ben Rogers, Engineer | Vocals by Mahalia Barnes, Prinnie Stevens, & Juanita Tippins

Additional Vocals recorded at ASP Recordings, Costa Mesa, CA | Steve Maggiora, Engineer | Additional Percussion by Andrew Espantman & Jeff Frickman at Sonic Groove Studios, Burbank, CA

Album Artwork, Layout & Design by Steve Maggiora & Andrew Espantman

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