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Wreckage Vol. 1 CD (2017)

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"Wreckage Vol. 1"

Collection of EP's Released in the past 4 years
Including "Rhythm of the Road EP" & "Red Bull Sessions EP" 

Track List:
1. Rhythm of the Road
2. Georgia Mud
3.Don't Let the Fire Burn Out
4. Breaker
5. Back Around
6. Water
7. On the Run
8. Raised by Wolves
9. Breaking Down the Road
10. Let Her Go
11. Cry of Love
12. Gypsy of Love

Wreckage Vol. 1 is a re-packaging of two of Robert Jon & The Wreck's older EPs, "Rhythm of the Road EP" and "The RedBull Sessions". Sure to be the first of many, future volumes will include live recordings, unreleased tracks, etc.

Tracks 1-6: Originally released as "Rhythm of the Road EP", June 8th, 2013 (see credit details below).

Tracks 7-12: Originally released as "The RedBull Sessions", July 4th, 2014 (see credit details below).

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